Holly Madison Drops Baby Weight In Two Weeks

The new mom looks to be way ahead of her post-pregnancy weight loss plan! She hit the red carpet on Mar. 22  looking slim and fit. Way to go, Holly!

Holly Madison said in an interview that she wanted to lose 40 pounds in six weeks. Well, it’s only been about two weeks and she looks like she’s already close to reaching her goal!


Holly Madison: No More Baby Weight

The Playboy centerfold stepped onto the red carpet for a Las Vegas charity gala on Mar. 22 and we can hardly tell that she gave birth two weeks ago! In a beautiful blue dress — oddly similar to the maternal one she wore while she was still pregnant — the 33-year-old model looked in shape and simply stunning.

Holly admitted to In Touch magazine that she had a long way to go in order to shed the weight she gained during pregnancy. She revealed that she had gained about 40 pounds while carrying Rainbow Aurora, but that she was expecting to be back to her normal 110 pounds in no time. She really meant it — just look at how fit she is!

Holly Madison’s Workout Plan

Holly has definitely been working hard to get her slim but curvy body back — she even brought the gym home to her. “We’re putting a gym in our house,” she told In Touch, “so I’ll be doing yoga, Pilates, and cardio.” It’s safe to say the plan is working!

Her dedication to exercise and a healthy lifestyle paid off when she wowed everyone in that blue dress. Holly revealed that she wanted to get back to 110 pounds in case she does another Vegas show. Well, she’s back and looking as good as ever — it’s just amazing that she had a baby two weeks ago!

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