Reclaiming life through weight loss

For almost three months I have been on a weight loss journey, and I thought I would give you all an update this week.

It was actually over Christmas that I started to think again that I wanted to make a change. Every time I was getting ready to go out, I did not like the way clothes were fitting, or not fitting, and I felt frumpy every time I was going out the door. Of course since hubby was in the accident he had dropped even more weight from his skinny frame, and it made me feel even more self conscious about how much weight I was carrying. I decided once and for all I needed to make some life changes, and it just could not be a diet that helped me reach a goal but that could be carried on in “real life.”

I will tell you now that last year at Christmas I had thought the same thing, as I reached my highest weight ever. At 232 pounds I could not believe what I had done to my body. How had I reached such a weight? I believe I had fallen into the “perfect mommy” pattern, as many of us do. I had forgotten I had to look after myself, that I mattered, and my weight could not only affect my health, but also my personality.

I did not like that person. I felt like she was someone I did not know, and over the last year I started taking back a little bit of control I had felt I lost somewhere along the way of having children, trying to work, and just generally trying to be a “perfect” someone — either mom, wife, sister, or woman. Perfect in a sense of doing everything for everyone else, but not taking the time to eat properly, or exercise, or even to do anything I loved anymore.

I started slowly, and I must admit I was once again thrown off my path when hubby’s accident happened. How could I possibly take time for myself when he couldn’t go enjoy a walk and had to rely on me for everything for months? Maybe it is Catholic guilt, but I once again made the choice that everyone in the house came first, and I was not even making the list. By Christmas time I had lost some weight — I was down about 25 pounds — but I realized I needed some help.

So I joined TOPS, which stands for Taking Off the Pounds Sensibly. It is a group that meets every Monday in Thickwood and it has given me the motivation to set goals and start eating better, add more exercise and make myself a priority. Since Christmas I have dropped another 15 pounds, and it is the first time in years something has really clicked for me and I know I will keep losing as I start to once again like the woman I have become outside of being a mother and wife.

I have started to do some things that I love again — making more time for writing, reading and spending time with friends. Raise your hand if you keep saying to your girlfriends you need to get together and you never do. This is the one thing I still have to start doing — when I do go for coffee I love the interaction, but I am terrible at finding the time to actually do it.

My citizen of the week is April Stacey, and she will be shocked and will wave it off like she doesn’t deserve it, but she is an amazing woman living here in Fort McMurray. I first met her online through Twitter, funnily enough. But when hubby had his accident she was one of the first people to make a lasagna and homemade bread, and offer to help anyway she could. Her support was what got me through some rough days. After Christmas when we started the Losing it from Fort McMurray to Nova Scotia, she was one of my biggest cheerleaders and inspirations again. If you want to meet a woman who is making a difference in people’s lives, she would be an example of someone who lives by example, as she is just a genuinely good person and fantastic mom.


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