Hypnosis For Weight Loss May Be More Effective Than Dieting, Says Illinois Hypnosis

With more people than ever suffering from obesity in the US and worldwide, fad dieting is more popular than ever. The qualified professionals at Illinois Hypnosis offer a safer and more effective method for losing weight.

Many Chicago residents begin a new year determined to lose weight. Unfortunately, studies have shown that by this point in the year, many of those people have given up. Discouraged by the lack of progress, many people will quit instead of trying new, potentially more effective methods.

Around two-thirds of the American population is either overweight or clinically obese, according to the World Health Organization. But this problem is not uniquely American. The World Health Organization has also found that around one billion people around the world are considered overweight and struggling to get their size back under control. For many, this means following the latest fad diets or taking weight loss pills to see a short term loss of pounds. Many who take this approach find that any weight loss only lasts a short time and they are soon back to the same weight as when they started. 

Hypnosis is an alternative way to pursue weight loss. Chicago area residents can begin by visiting the Illinois Hypnosis website, which offers information about the services of Jeanne Clark and Mary Kullman. Both Kullman and Clark offer hypnosis for weight loss, as well as other issues that many people face, including depression and anxiety. As members of the American Academy of Medical Hypnoanalysts, both have passed rigorous training requirements and are fully committed to helping patients through this proven, effective method. When performed by a trained and licensed professional like Clark or Kullman, hypnosis for weight loss in Chicago can be a powerful way to reach a target weight.

For most Chicago residents, 10 to 20 sessions are needed to effectively treat the causes of weight gain. The goal of these sessions is to target the emotional reasons behind overeating. Many people who struggle with weight loss do so because they are emotional eaters, who turn to food when they are angry, upset or stressed. By replacing the food centered thoughts with other messages, the subject may find it much easier and more natural to eat less.
In addition to providing necessary assistance for weight loss in Chicago, the hypnotists of Illinois Hypnosis can also help with smoking cessation, pain management, and fear of public speaking.

About Illinois Hypnosis:
Jeanne Clark and Mary Kullman have been serving the Chicago area for many years. By enabling patients to enter a relaxed and focused state of mind, hypnosis can make fundamental changes in the subject’s attitude and mentality. But hypnosis is much more than a solution to problems: it can assist anyone in reaching a higher state of mental concentration and focus which they may have never imagined. Chicago hypnosis and Naperville hypnosis can even teach athletes to maintain the mental focus necessary to block out any distractions while they compete.


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