Stephenie Meyer spotlights stunning weight loss at ‘The Host’ premiere

“Twilight” author Stephenie Meyer put her newly-slim physique on display at the Los Angeles premiere of “The Host” on March 19. Meyer wrote and produced “The Host,” a sci-fi thriller that stars Saoirse Ronan, Max Irons and Jake Abel.

Stephenie, 39, donned a floor-length flower-print dress, which accentuated her slimline physique. Meyer has lost a significant amount of weight since 2010, when she looked at least 50 pounds heavier at the premiere of “Twilight: Eclipse.”

While Stephenie hasn’t spoken publicly about her jaw-dropping weight loss, “Twilight” screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg said a strict diet and regular exercise was responsible for Meyer’s stunning makeover.

“Honestly, watching what she eats and exercise [is her weight-loss secret],” saidRosenberg. “Diet and exercise. And she looks fantastic.”

Meyer, who made a cameo in each of the “Twilight” films, made a concerted effort to slim down for Edward and Bella’s wedding scene in the 2011 hit, “Breaking Dawn – Part 1.”

Stephenie has since continued to lose weight, and looks healthier, fitter and younger than ever. “You know, she had lost some weight when we filmed the wedding scene together,” recalls Rosenberg. “But then I saw her at the ‘Breaking Dawn’ junket and just thought, ‘Holy smoke!’ ”

Stephenie, previously a stay-at-home mom of three, shot to international fame and fortune after her “Twilight” book series was made into a blockbuster film in 2009. The “Twilight” film franchise also catapulted relative unknowns Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart into overnight celebrities.

Meyer, who grossed $40 million in 2010, says global fame and fortune is a difficult adjustment for most people, especially the introverted Rob and Kristen.

“There are some actors who are looking to be world famous, to be that household name,” Stephenie told the UK Times. “And although they might discover that there are a lot of negative things involved in that, it’s what they want. But that doesn’t apply to Kristen and Rob. That’s what makes it kind of ironic and tragic.

“I just don’t think they enjoy the parts [of fame] that other people would, and I totally get that, because it would not be my thing either. At the same time — and this is where the guilt comes from — it’s created this nice peaceful place for me. They took all of my heat, which I feel bad about.”


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