Pearson Physical Therapy’s Weight Loss Competition Results

In early January Pearson Physical Therapy in Broken Bow launched a unique Weight Loss contest.  The goal was that the registration fees would not only be returned in prize money but would be put toward a piece of equipment that one of Pearson’s patients needed.  Eighty six people signed up and 21 came back in for the final weigh-in.  Becky Pearson said 1stPlace went to Luke Wassom who lost 12.92% of his body weight and won $500.00; 2nd Place was Laurie Holeman who lost 11.94% and won $300.00; and 3rd place went to Brian Morse who lost 10.61% and won $200.00.  Pearson also said that Wassom donated his winnings to a friend in Hebron in need and Holeman donated her winnings back to be added to the money for the equipment for the patient.  Pearson said they plan to make this an annual event.


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