Last-minute weight loss: Kearney Biggest Loser competition hosts last-chance workouts

With about a month to go in the Biggest Loser Challenge in Kearney, some participants in the local weight-loss competition are seeing results — and spending Friday nights in a fitness class to continually make the top of the list.

The top 20 losers from the previous week are invited to the last-chance workout Friday evening before Saturday morning’s weekly weigh-in.

“I think it’s just bragging rights,” Kasey Watson said about why she likes to attend the last-chance workouts.

If any of the challengers in that top 20 declines to attend, the participants next in the rankings are invited to take their places.

“This is how you rebound after a rough week,” Linda Currid said.

Currid manages Premier Fitness Center in Kearney, where the last-chance workouts and weigh-ins are held. On Friday, March 8, she led the last-chance workout. She told attendees not to let missing a few days of exercising turn into a few weeks because that can turn into a few months and eventually a few years.

“It helps you stay focused,” said Donna Fehr, one of the last-chance workout participants March 8.

Darla Bulls, also at the previous Friday’s class, said it gives her motivation to rank in the top 20.

Participants are weighed weekly and ranked by percentage of weight lost, just as in the TV show the competition was modeled after.

“This helps more than trying to do this on our own,” Burt Rich said.

Currid led participants through gentle warm-up routines, games that included constantly switching partners for things like bumping hips together or swinging around like square dancing, and circuit training for which they rotated through work stations for different exercises.

“Every week it’s different,” Erin Dray said.


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