Downsize the family: Victoria gets a helping hand with weight loss

Matt Roberts has returned to stage another intervention and Victoria is going to get the surprise of her life.

Having been one of the original group Matt Roberts and nutritionist Amanda Hamilton worked with back in January, Victoria has let her resolve weaken in the months since then.

Out for a gentle stroll around the park, Victoria is about to get a bit of a surprise when she bumps into exercise guru Matt.

“When I saw Matt I thought I was in a nightmare but I was awake. Now I’ve seen him, I think I can get back into it. It’s what I should have been doing since food camp.”

Matt takes her through an intensive exercise routine in the park and by the end of it Victoria is looking exhausted. However, another surprise is in store for her later on when she answers the door to find nutritionist Amanda standing on her doorstep.

Amanda heads straight to the kitchen to see if Victoria has been keeping true to her word. The freezer is full of vegetables but unfortunately her cupboards are still full of junk food, cakes and sweets.

Amanda explains, “You’re not failing, you are losing weight, but you need to eat the right stuff if you want to be able to exercise properly.”

The two girls get together and with the aid of some bin bags, rid the house of all the unhealthy cakes and junk food.

Victoria cites lack of time to prepare fresh meals as the reason she has resorted back to her pre-packaged junk food ways but Amanda shows her a quick and easy healthy meal to prepare in under half an hour. Looking suitably impressed, Victoria vows to continue with her health kick.

After a meeting with supportive family and friends it seems Victoria may be able to get back on track after all thanks to the support of her loved ones and the timely intervention of the This Morning team.


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